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I teach college from home while raising two rowdy toddlers. In this blog, you’ll read about my balancing act of working-from-home and maintaining family first while also living a naturally organic lifestyle. I want to share my steps and missteps in raising kids in a crazy world, ideas on breastfeeding and pumping; my preschool to homeschool adventure from someone homeschooled; “Dear Diary” reminders on how to be the best wife and mother possible, and our adventure living the organic life with detox and health plans and fav recipes. Plus, I’m going to coastal-ize my new home, and I want you come along with me on the journey!

Who Am I?

I’m Amanda Kate– supermom wannabe constantly striving to be a more gracious wife and a more devoted Christ-follower while juggling being a stay-at-home mom and a work-from-home professor.

It’s a great ride, and every day I can’t wait for a new adventure!

I love my outdoor baby!

I’m a beachaholic, raspberry latte lovin’ Southern girl born in Virginia, raised in Georgia, and now residing in Southern Texas. My dream is to move back to the Deep South in a few years because I miss it sooooooo much!

I’m blessed enough to be married to my best friend and constant support, and we are the proud-as-peaches parents of Kati Ellouise and Luke. As a family, we love outdoor adventures, late-night Netflix binges, discovering new ice cream shops, and everything beach.

Chris and I met in May 2014, married in December 2014, and then my little Kati came in November 2015 with Luke following her shortly in February of 2017, so my hubs and I are still adjusting to not only married life, but baby life and “who-left-the-milk-on-the-counter-all-night” life, but with God’s help and my momma’s advice, it’s been a wonderful, Grace-filled journey! I can’t wait to share our adventures and what we’ve learned along the way!

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  • When you haven’t seen the sun in awhile, it’s a pretty exciting event ☀️
Some frustrating tea....A chemical plant burst aflame about 20 miles NE from us, sending toxic fumes airborne. They decided to let it burn out since it was too toxic to approach (what’s being circulated anyway). Who knows anymore. So, for days, a black cloud of reported paint and glue chemicals filled the horizon. No biggie.
Air tests came back clean. Soil samples came back clean. No worries. The people living in the area reporting nose bleeds, nausea, and headaches...coincidence. Totally. Kati’s gymnastics teacher who lives in the area and has had a continuous cough and headache since the explosion...allergies, obvs.
And today, just reported, a benzene leak. Benzene...that can affect bone marrow and blood, causes cancer, leukemia, aplastic anemia. 
Texas national guard called in and several communities just NE of us on shelter-in-place guidelines. Several schools closed. 
BUT. The air quality is clean. Soil is great. They said so. The water tests haven’t been completed yet, but I’m guessing clean. Just a hunch.
So now, the kids are back inside with air purifiers on full blast and lemon essential oil rolling.
Just wow.
  • Dirty knees and pearls, timidly aware and precociously all-in/all-out, partners in crime and worst tattletales, best friends and biggest rivals...ah, siblings 💕 They love each other to death and are practically inseparable...their forever friend 👦🏻👧🏼
  • Luke always hikes the same way....starts off chillin and strollin along and then sees rocks and water and dirt and loses his mind, resulting in soaking wet and covered in mud.
My hubs asks why I pack so many clothes for them, and I’m like, well, so when they soak their first outfit of the day, I have a backup, and then when they soak their backup, I have a replacement, and then there’s a dinner outfit because their replacement is too dirty to enter a respectable establishment.
Oh yea, momma’s got this figured out 🤓
  • #thegreatoutdoors -
Our last day of hiking sees chillier temps, but a great time although Kati was asking for her sand and I’m thinking she’s gonna be my beach girl while Luke could probably live in the woods and be little mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ and mountain man 🧗🏼‍♂️☀️🌻🐬
  • Who’s momma’s number one fan?!?!
All hiked out and full of Italian food, and now off for some ice cream!
Enjoying these evening Austin vibes of corner musicians and horses riding down Congress street ✌🏼
  • #hikingadventure

Discovering the river, searching for rocks, throwing them in the river....all in a day’s fun 🌟
  • Back to Austin for another hiking adventure! Soakin up some sunny skies and 70’s ☀️
Insta wouldn’t let me post anything yesterday. So it’s a day late 😋
  • My little sailor man ⛵️
My hubs and dad went fishing all morning while the kids had their first dentist appointment, and then out in the boat for some dolphin watching🐬
And, it’s SUNNY!
I can’t even believe it 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️