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6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Overhaul Your Health

Hi, everyone!

Your health is very important, yet it often gets overlooked, and then when a crisis happens, people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to rejuvenate their health.

But you don’t have to do that or spend that to get your health back in check!

There are inexpensive things you can do to revamp and even completely overhaul your health for more energy, a healthier weight, and a healthier you—from the inside out! These  can heal your health, heal kidney tones, rid your body of toxins, help you lose weight, and give you that spring back in your step.

Disclaimer: I’m in no way a doctor or medical professional. I’m sharing what I’ve learned through research and personal experience. Always consult a medical professional before attempting anything associated with your health and well-being.

  1. Drink Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

Yes, yes, we’ve all heard this one, but it’s time to actually do it. Why? Let’s break this down point by point…

  1. “warm”—Warm liquids help to flush the digestive system and toxins.
  2. “Lemon”—Lemon adds a Vitamin C boost and some potassium which can provide antioxidants and detox your skin, and it’s optimal for kidney function.
  3. “Morning”—Drinking any water in the morning (warm lemon or not) is healthy because it flushes the liver and boosts metabolism. Your body hasn’t had any liquid all night, and you need to hydrate it for maximum energy to attack your day.

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  1. Drink a Glass of Water with a Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bed

I’m sure you’re thinking why your day must be filled with drinking some concoction or another, but healing yourself and preventing disease starts from the inside. Apple Cider Vinegar can help to regulate your blood sugar and can aid in weight loss. I also used it while pregnant to prevent swelling, and it worked very well because it cleanses the body of excess toxins and water. My husband started taking two to three tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar at night, and after a week, expelled several kidney stones.

  1. Buy an Aloe Vera Plant

Don’t have a green thumb? Me neither! And, I can still keep an Aloe Vera Plant alive! Using fresh Aloe Vera can prevent and help reverse wrinkles by plumping and hydrating the skin, and it can decrease acne. You just snip a section of one of the plant’s leaf and rub it on your skin. You can also mix it with coconut oil for a wonderfully hydrating skin balm. You can get an Aloe Vera plant from your local store for between $10 and $30 depending on how big of a plant you get.

  1. Take 1-2 Teaspoons of Diatomaceous Earth Each Week

Diatomaceous Earth is wonderful at cleansing your system of unwanted toxins and parasites. Make sure you use the FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth. You can mix it with water or even green tea for an extra boost of toxin cleansing. Make sure you drink plenty of water while using this to help flush your system of the toxins and waste products. You can buy a bag of Diatomaceous Earth for around $20, and it lasts a long time.


  1. Take a Weekly Detox Bath

Detox baths rids your system of unwanted toxins and debris. I’m sure at this point you’re thinking that mentioning cleansing your body of toxins is getting redundant, but toxin buildup in your body can lead to premature aging, cancer, organ stress, and weight gain. Start with a warm bath and add Epsom Salt, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda. Since you only use a small amount of the products, and you’re only taking one bath a week, the ingredients last a long time. Remember to drink plenty of water with while doing this to help cleanse the most toxins. You can also add Lavender or Frankincense essential oil for added benefits.

  1. Eat an Avocado every day.

This seems random, but have you researched the benefits of avocados? They are a superfood with a capital SUPER. They contain monounsaturated fats which can help you absorb nutrients better; they can lower cholesterol and help you feel fuller longer because they are loaded with fiber and dense with nutrients. If you weigh out other random food items you may buy in a day, you can omit something that’s pointless and add an avocado. You can find them in most stores and can even freeze them if you find a sale.



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  • Easter morning brunch and adventure, complete with Easter hat...and bow 🌸💛🌸💛🌸
  • Happy Easter! 🙏🏼
Flat Mason was able to join us on our tradition of a beachside sunrise service 🌅
My heart goes out to the people in Sri Lanka who were killed this Easter Sunday 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Christ said we would all be hated for His sake, and this has proven true through the millennia. But His love is worth it. Worth it all.
Christ was the Son of God. And He chose to come to Earth and take on human form to suffer and die on a cross, so we mere humans could live eternally in Heaven. He wasn’t a self-proclaimed prophet. Priest. Man from Nazareth on a mission. He was the Son of God. 
If we believe this and ask Him to come into our hearts, we will be Saved and will exist forever with Him.
No, troubles don’t end. Yes, heartache still happens.
But there’s peace. And comfort.
I know Jesus loves me. I know my horrible sins are forgiven. I know where I’m going when I die. Without a hesitation. Without a tremble. 
I pray anyone who reads this does, too💕
I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Easter Sunday! 🌸🌸🌸
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And she kept telling me she was a QUEEN.
So I guess I been told 🙄
As bubba sneaks up from the rear for a surprise attack with T-Rex to the right flank.
What did we ever do for entertainment before we had kids? Every day is full of adventure, chaos, fun, and utter bewilderment 💁🏼‍♀️🌸
  • Play is the highest form of research. ~Albert Einstein
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  • Those sunny days are much missed today with shuddering winds and overcast chills 🌬🌊
My nephew’s school is doing a “Flat Stanley” book 📖 project, so for the next few weeks, Flat Mason will be accompanying us on our adventures! Kati is so excited and just wants to hug him when I ask her to hold him out, so it’s not going exactly like I planned 😆😍
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