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4 INEXPENSIVE Ideas for Family Fun!

Hi, everyone!

Want some tips on how to give your children a RICH life on a BUDGET?!

Well then, read on!

These are fun activities no matter what your budget since they involve being together as a family, but if you’re always interested in saving a buck (and who isn’t?!), then these ideas will work great for you! It’ll be a win for your family and a win for your wallet!

  1. Become an Outdoor Family

When you are an “outdoor” family, having fun adventures can be really inexpensive and hanging out with minimal technology can be very bonding.

You can grab a tent and some sleeping bags and go camping for a weekend on a lake somewhere in nature for a very low cost. Most children love nature even if they fight it at first. They can engage in the nature experience while learning about animals and observational biology. Also, appeasing a bored child can be as simple as opening the door and letting them explore nature if they are comfortable within its realm.

Even if you live in the city, there is a plethora of free parks and hiking trails and bike trails that you can explore on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. When you are closer to nature, you also can’t help but be caught up in the magic of nature’s simplistic beauty; this is a lesson in enjoying something simple and quiet over a video game/TV that’s indoors and obtrusive.



  1. Get Interested in the Arts

The arts? Huh?

Yes! There are a TON of adventures and activities related to the arts that are completely free, AND they offer a wonderful cultural awakening. Many towns have Artwalks in the downtown districts where you freely walk through art studios and view the paintings/sculptures, etc. and meet the artists. Not only are you having a fun family night, but you’re getting in touch with your local community artists and providing your children with artistic exposure. You can also turn it into Ice Cream night to make it an even more special treat. Many cities also proffer outdoor pavilions with free plays certain times of the year. You can also visit your local schools to watch ballets and plays and support your local education centers. Lastly, many museums and art districts have family nights where they give discounted rates or free nights for children. These are fun and creative ways to bring the family together for fun, and it’s different from the hum drum of your daily routine.

  1. Give Them Yourself by Making a Personal Memory

“Things” get old and boring and inevitably break. Memories hold a lifetime of wealth in a soul.

This seems really sweet and cliché, but it’s true and underrated. I see parents today heap piles of electronic devices and toys and designer clothes, shoes, etc. on their kids but then give them very little time. I’m not saying giving these things isn’t good or okay; I’m just saying to make sure you aren’t giving these things out of guilty conscience because you know you aren’t present like you should be.

Children know. They know when you do this, and they know why. And, they’ll remember. They’ll probably never remember that one toy you got that one time, but they’ll remember the time you took to play with them and read to them and go walking with them or bike riding with them or camping with them or even cuddling on the sofa with them watching movies. Take the time from your day to talk with your child, connect with them. Do something they want to do or play a silly game that they want to play. Life is constantly about being a parent, which is important, but don’t forget to connect to your child on a one-on-one basis, so they’ll let you into their world. Even something as simple as reading a book with them or singing a song to them as they go to sleep or taking some time to communicate with their toddler jibber-jabber is giving them your time, and it’s 100% free.

  1. Designate a Weekly Family Night

Nothing says “togetherness” as a family besides one night of the week specifically designated for a family activity.

Your children will have something fun to look forward to throughout the week that’s different and exciting. We always like to do it in the middle of the week, so we have a Hump Day funday waiting for us that helps the sting of the ending weekend. Think of ways you can connect on a personal level: have family game night, family movie night, family dinner night. Have a night where everyone cooks a meal together or bakes cookies together or builds a fort in the living room together. These are memories that your children will treasure and hopefully pass to their children. Even very young children will pick up on the tradition and start to become excited and look for it.

These ideas may seem simple, but they all have one main goal in mind….to connect with your children in an inexpensive and personal way.

Does your family have any weekly traditions or fun family activities? Please leave a comment and share!



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  • Easter morning brunch and adventure, complete with Easter hat...and bow 🌸💛🌸💛🌸
  • Happy Easter! 🙏🏼
Flat Mason was able to join us on our tradition of a beachside sunrise service 🌅
My heart goes out to the people in Sri Lanka who were killed this Easter Sunday 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Christ said we would all be hated for His sake, and this has proven true through the millennia. But His love is worth it. Worth it all.
Christ was the Son of God. And He chose to come to Earth and take on human form to suffer and die on a cross, so we mere humans could live eternally in Heaven. He wasn’t a self-proclaimed prophet. Priest. Man from Nazareth on a mission. He was the Son of God. 
If we believe this and ask Him to come into our hearts, we will be Saved and will exist forever with Him.
No, troubles don’t end. Yes, heartache still happens.
But there’s peace. And comfort.
I know Jesus loves me. I know my horrible sins are forgiven. I know where I’m going when I die. Without a hesitation. Without a tremble. 
I pray anyone who reads this does, too💕
I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Easter Sunday! 🌸🌸🌸
  • Tonight, Kati had her princess 👸🏼 dress on, so my hubs made her a crown from construction paper. I kept going “Aw you’re a princess! You’re a princess!”
And she kept telling me she was a QUEEN.
So I guess I been told 🙄
As bubba sneaks up from the rear for a surprise attack with T-Rex to the right flank.
What did we ever do for entertainment before we had kids? Every day is full of adventure, chaos, fun, and utter bewilderment 💁🏼‍♀️🌸
  • Play is the highest form of research. ~Albert Einstein
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Kati loves pointing Flat Mason at the camera now, and everyone has held him to pose...even Uncle Chris and MeMaw💕💕💕🤳🌊
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  • Those sunny days are much missed today with shuddering winds and overcast chills 🌬🌊
My nephew’s school is doing a “Flat Stanley” book 📖 project, so for the next few weeks, Flat Mason will be accompanying us on our adventures! Kati is so excited and just wants to hug him when I ask her to hold him out, so it’s not going exactly like I planned 😆😍
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While I make mud pies 🥧